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Current version: 1.0-alpha4. See all GodSVG releases here.
Note: I've received mixed reports about whether the MacOS build works. Use alpha 3 if it doesn't work for you.
Don't want to install anything? You can run GodSVG directly in your web browser.

GodSVG is an editor for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files in early development. Unlike other editors, it represents the SVG code directly, doesn't add any metadata, and even lets you edit the SVG code in real time. GodSVG is inspired by the need for an SVG editor without abstractions that produces clean and optimized files.

Screenshot of using GodSVG to create a confetti graphic

• Interactive SVG editing: Modify individual elements of an SVG file using a user-friendly interface.
• Real-time code: As you manipulate elements in the UI, code is instantly generated and can be edited.
• Optimized SVGs: The generated SVG files are small and efficient, and there are many options to assist with optimization.